Gender disorientation symbols in Holy City Jerusalem
Gender disorientation symbols in Holy City JerusalemFlash 90

Nine rabbis, including Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Shalom Cohen and Yeshivat Har Hamor President Rabbi Tzvi Yisrael Tau, wrote to Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon ahead of the upcoming gender disorientation parade next week.

In their letter, the rabbis joined Jerusalem Rabbi Aryeh Stern's letter that was published on Arutz Sheva, asking Rabbi Stern to refrain from hanging the flags in the streets of the city ahead of the parade, as was done in previous years.

"We note that the participation of the Municipality or its representatives in decorating the city with the flags of this deviant group is interpreted as Municipality consent to their methods, and therefore we must refrain from doing so," the rabbis wrote to the Mayor.

The rabbis added, "We also ask you not to budget the Open House from public funds at the city council meeting this Thursday (that falls on sefirat Yesod sheb'Yesod).

"We hope the honorable Mayor will exert his full influence to remove this disgrace from our Holy City, and as requested by the Chief Rabbi of our city, the Holy City, Rabbi Aryeh Stern," the rabbis added.