Gabay, Shafir
Gabay, ShafirFlash 90

MK Stav Shafir (Labor) today referred to the Labor Party decision not to respond to Prime Minister Netanyahu's proposal to join his coalition.

"Last night we got a glimpse into the Erdoğanesque, anti-democratic, and dark state that will be here if we don't act fast. We have a rare opportunity to change the trend, and that's our responsibility," Shafir said.

Later, Shafir said the Labor Party must change its leadership, and that party chairman Gabbay could not be the one to lead the party in the upcoming elections.

"We in the Labor Party must go to elections for the leadership," Shafir said. Making an optimistic distinction between the Labor Party and its leader, Shafir continued, "Avi Gabbay's political career is over. The events of last night prove this."

"We need to join together, to unite, to examine other connections and to establish a leadership that can stand at the forefront of the struggle to save Israeli democracy," Shafir hoped.

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