The IDF concludes tonight Operation Northern Shield to locate and neutralize terrorist tunnels and says that all the six tunnels that the Hezbollah dug and prepared for the day of battle have been neutralized.

In addition, the IDF released footage of IDF operations to locate the last found cross-border attack tunnel, dug by Hezbollah from the Shiite village of Ramiyeh in southern Lebanon into Israel. The tunnel was exposed on the 13th of January 2019 as part of Operation ‘Northern Shield’. The UN force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, investigated the tunnel and confirmed it was dug from Lebanon into Israel, in violation of UNSCR 1701.

The IDF estimates that there are no more tunnels penetrating Israeli territory, and that there are only a few more tunnels inside Lebanese territory at a depth of several hundred meters.

The last tunnel, which was also the largest tunnel dug to a depth of eighty meters near the village of Ramiyeh in the center of the northern sector near Zarit, was the last of the tunnels through which Hezbollah intended to break into Israel and carry out a series of attacks along the fence.

The IDF says that the probability of war being initiated by Hezbollah is low, and that Operation Northern Shield has strengthened deterrence.

While the army is completing the neutralization of the Ramiyeh tunnel, the same tunnel continues to be used to locate tunnels and other means used by the organization against the IDF, such as drones, photographs and information gathering.