Bennett and Shaked
Bennett and Shaked Flash90

Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, the leaders of the New Right party, met in Bennett’s office in Tel Aviv Wednesday afternoon, amid reports that the Likud may seek to recruit Shaked, and calls for Bennett to join her in moving to the Likud.

While Shaked is said to be seriously considering offers from the Likud, Bennett is expected to try to convince her to remain with the New Right for another election cycle.

The New Right, which had been polling at five to six seats prior to last month’s Knesset election, narrowly failed to cross the electoral threshold, coming some 1,000 votes short of the 3.25% minimum.

The Knesset, meanwhile, continues its hearings on the Likud-backed motion to dissolve the 21st Knesset and go to new elections.

At the same time, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is still attempting to broker a deal between the secular right-wing Yisrael Beytenu and haredi lawmakers on a haredi draft law which would enable both sides to join a coalition government and avert snap elections.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was reported that Netanyahu is considering offering Shaked a spot high on the Likud’s Knesset list if the country goes to new elections.

Some Likud officials have also suggested that Bennett, too, should join the party, with MK Nir Barkat saying the New Right should follow Kulanu in merging with the Likud.

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