Elad Frizat
Elad FrizatCourtesy of the family

Israeli fire investigators say a blaze which broke out in an apartment in northern Israel over the weekend that claimed the life of a three-year-old boy was the result of someone “playing with fire”.

On Saturday, a fire broke out in an apartment on David Elazar Street in the northern city of Tzfat.

Three-year-old Elad Frizat was killed in the fire, while 18 others were injured, including Elad’s four-year-old brother who suffered burns, leaving him in moderate-to-serious condition

Authorities say the blaze was not caused by an electrical problem, but was the result of carelessness while “playing with fire”. Investigators said they had yet to determine with certainty what was used to spark the initial fire, however.

Elad’s mother told investigators she had taken precautions to keep potentially dangerous electrical devices and other items capable of sparking fires away from the reach of her children.

Fire officials urged the public to install smoke detectors to prevent similar tragedies.

“Even if it ‘only’ helps save people in 70-80% of cases, it is very important and worthwhile.”