Thaqalayn TV (Lebanon/Turkey) aired a report earlier this month about a new brigade being added to the Mujaheddin Brigades, constituting the military wing of the "Palestinian Mujaheddin Movement", in honor of their 18th anniversary, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The report showed a military demonstration titled "Effective Promise" performed by group terrorists that included a simulated raid on a "Zionist post."

Movement Secretary General Asad Abu Shari'a said the brigade is being added after a year of training and preparation. He said the Zionists failed in their plans to "push people away from resistance" and that the fighters of the movement "race to reach death."

Mujaheddin Brigades' Spokesman Abu Khaled said the Brigades are "ready and present in all the battlefields" and that they are prepared "for any stupid act perpetrated by this Zionist enemy."