Gaza terrorists with domestic missile
Gaza terrorists with domestic missileAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

A-Risalah Net, a site affiliated with the Hamas terror organization, on Tuesday morning said Iran has agreed to pay Gazan "martyrs'" families a total of half a million dollars.

The 1,700 families will receive a one-time grant through Iran's "Palestinian Martyr" fund, intended to compensate for the cuts in their salaries.

Though the Palestinian Authority pays its own terrorists full salaries, it cut the salaries of 1,700 terrorists' families and 2,000 prisoners and wounded from Gaza.

The sources told A-Risalah that the move may include additional things, but did not explain.

According to the report, sources in the Organization's Committee for the Ifter-Meal (at the conclusion of Ramadan) told the International Conference for Aiding the Intifada that Iran on Thursday will announce aid for the families.

Other reports claim that the Palestinian Authority will pay PA and Gaza employees 60% of their salaries, but will continue paying terrorists - who it calls "martyrs" their full salaries.