Hassan Rouhani
Hassan RouhaniReuters

An official Iranian source told the Iranian news agency Thassen that the Islamic Republic has quadrupled its enrichment rate of low-enriched uranium.

According to the official, Iran no longer accepts the restriction on uranium enrichment, as it was written in the nuclear agreement.

The amount of low level-enriched uranium that Iran can produce under the nuclear agreement is 300 kilograms.

Two weeks ago, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani signed a letter to the ambassadors of the signatories to the nuclear agreement saying that his country had decided to stop fulfilling some of its obligations under the nuclear agreement.

The letter was delivered to the British, French, German, Russian and Chinese ambassadors.

In the letter, Iran presented a two-month ultimatum to the superpowers to find solutions to the sanctions imposed by the US and declared that it would not limit the enrichment of uranium in its territory.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said that "the Zionists and AIPAC exerted pressure on the Trump government to withdraw from the nuclear agreement."

He added, "We have not withdrawn from the nuclear agreement, it is still in force, we are showing the other side of the coin today, and the agreement means that if the other parties do not fulfill commitments, we can lower our level of commitment."