Ambulance (archive)
Ambulance (archive)MDA spokesperson

A nine-year-old girl was injured in a traffic accident Sunday, after she was hit by a car while riding on her bike.

The incident occurred on Rishon LeTzion Street in the coastal city of Ashdod Sunday evening, when a car ran up onto the sidewalk from the street as the girl was riding by on her bicycle.

Kobi Levitan, a volunteer MDA paramedic who happened to be present at the time, spotted the car as it approached the girl, and attempted to rush over and shield her.

Both Levitan and the girl were hit by the car. Levitan suffered light injuries, while the girl is listed in moderate condition.

“I saw the car drive up onto the sidewalk and hit the girl while she was riding on her bike,” said Levitan. “By instinct, without thinking at all about it, I tried to shield the girl on the bike with my body, and I too was hit by the car.”

“It was a very terrifying moment, but I feel that I did everything I could to save the young girl. After the accident, despite the injuries I had suffered, I provided first aid treatment to the girl, and within a short time, an MDA team arrived and evacuated us to the hospital.”

The two victims were evacuated to Assuta Medical Center in Ashdod.