Knife and Koran taken from suspect
Knife and Koran taken from suspect Police spokesperson

A 22-year-old Arab woman was arrested in the city of Hevron Sunday afternoon, after she planned to stab Israeli security personnel outside of the Tomb of the Patriarch compound.

The incident occurred when the suspect approached the security checkpoint at the entrance of the Tomb of the Patriarchs, and was asked to pass through a metal detector.

When the metal detector went off, the woman attempted to flee the scene, but was prevented from escaping by Israeli Border Police officers.

The officers ordered the suspect to remove any metal objects she was carrying. At this point, the woman drew a knife she had been carrying.

The suspect waved the knife in the air, telling the Border Police officers “You have guns, but I have a knife.”

After speaking with the officers, however, the woman agreed to put down the knife and surrender.

Border Police officers searched the woman’s bag, finding a copy of the Koran, and placed her under arrest.

During the subsequent interrogation, the suspect admitted that she had planned to stab the officers in a terror attack.

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