Denmark will participate in the Eurovision finals.
Denmark will participate in the Eurovision finals.Credit: Hadas Porush/Flash 90

Eurovision 2019 is getting close to the climactic moment - the grand finale on Saturday night at the EXPO compound in Tel Aviv.

At the second semifinal on Thursday night, the additional ten countries who will participate in the final on Saturday night were selected: North Macedonia, the Netherlands, Albania, Sweden, Russia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Malta.

The four facilitators, Lucy Ayoub, Erez Tal, Assi Ezer and Bar Refaeli officially announced the performance of renowned star Madonna on the evening of the final.

Order of songs in the final: 1. Malta. 2. Albania. 3. Czech Republic. 4. Germany. 5. Russia. 6. Denmark. 7. San Marino. 8. Northern Macedonia. 9. Sweden. 10. Slovenia. 11. Cyprus. 12. The Netherlands. 13. Greece. 14. Israel. 15. Norway. 16. Great Britain. 17. Iceland. 18. Estonia. 19. Belarus. 20. Azerbaijan. 21. France. 22. Italy. 23. Serbia. 24. Switzerland. 25. Australia. 26. Spain.

The Shalva band performed A Million Dreams on Thursday night, and were embraced by the audience with enthusiastic applause with the crowd rising to their feet to cheer excitedly.