Birth in kindergarten
Birth in kindergartenMDA

Roni Neuberger, 26, who was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, left her house Wednesday morning with her sister, Hodaya, to go to the hospital for the expected birth, while her husband was on his way from work.

Even before they got to the car, Roni felt that the moment of birth was approaching, and the two immediately called MDA 101 for guidance and assistance.

At the center, a senior MDA paramedic, Nitzan Golovinsky, only 19, immediately recognized that Roni was in the late stages of birth, and asked her to find a place where she could lie at ease and carry out his instructions.

Roni and her sister went to a nearby kindergarten, and the teachers immediately evacuated the children to the neighboring kindergarten. Roni lay down on a mattress, and the kindergarten became a makeshift delivery room. Soon with Nitzan providing instructions to the mother and her sister to help her, she gave birth to a daughter.

Seconds later, Paramedic Malki Kunan and paramedic Shadi Al-Shamali arrived from the MDA intensive care unit, completing the birthing process and checking on the mother and baby, who were in excellent condition.

Nitzan Golovinski said: "A call came from a woman in labor on the street, and I immediately understood that it was a birth in the advanced stages, and I instructed her sister to find a place where the woman could lie. The two went into a kindergarten next to them."

"They told me that the baby was starting to come out, and I instructed her sister who accompanied her on what to do. As soon as I heard the baby's crying in the background of the conversation, I calmed down. It is clear to everyone that the right place to give birth is a delivery room in a hospital, but in this case, the baby skipped a few years, and already went to kindergarten."

Einat Miron, the kindergarten teacher at the Rimon kindergarten where the birth took place, said: "I heard that someone was outside the kindergarten that needed help, I went out to see what was happening and I saw a pregnant woman on advanced routes. I took the doll's mattress and pillow and lay it down there. The medic at the Magen David Adom (MDA) center accompanied the entire process and was very helpful, and at the very end of the birth, Magen David Adom arrived, and I saw several births in my life, but it was completely different, so exciting.