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The Naaleh Elite Academy is a program that allows students from overseas to attend high school in Israel for free. The program allows students to learn Hebrew and graduate with an internationally recognized diploma.

Participants in the Naaleh program emphasized the differences between the Israeli school system they joined and the school systems in their home countries.

Shimon Graff, of Maryland, questioned how his school "could be so Zionist, but we were living in America."

"The stress level in America is a lot higher in high school. People are a lot more worried about college and university. Here people are much more relaxed," he explained.

Eduarta Gutman, a student at the Amana girls' high school in Kfar Saba, said that "In Brazil it was more like 'study, study, study.' Here there are more emotional things."

Elisha Kelin, of London, said that what makes the Israeli educational system different is that it "values attendance to classes and participation in classes almost equally to your final grade results, which is very different from England, were, essentially, the only grade that matters is your final grade."

"It makes the whole learning experience more important. You learn to value the actual lessons and not just the ability to soak up information and spew it out at the end of the year," he added.

With the price of religious Jewish high schools rising in the United States, Naaleh provides a free alternative for Jewish, religious, and secular education.

The Amana girls school and Sha'alvim yeshiva for boys are both Orthodox schools which participate in the Naaleh program and provide their students with a full education in religious studies, Jewish identity, and a degree recognized by top colleges and universities around the world.

Naale students receive a scholarship which includes the cost of tuition, free airfare to Israel, and room and board. With Naale there’s no need to compromise. Full scholarship – check! Academic excellence and an internationally recognized high school diploma – check! Religious education – check! Discovering the land of Israel and learning Hebrew – check!

Naale’s Amana and Shaalvim programs are unique, fully subsidized High School programs for religious students.

Give your son or daughter an unparalleled high school experience where they can grow academically, spiritually, socially and culturally.

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