Attorney Nati Rom criticized the petition of the left-wing Ir Amim organization against the annual Jerusalem Day Flag March.

"We need to protect the rights of Jews to march with the flag of Israel in the streets of the holdy city and the Old City of Jerusalem," Rom told Arutz Sheva at the High Court of Justice Wednesday.

"This is unacceptable. Radical left organizations are trying to appeal [to cancel the annual celebration]. They receive a lot of money from the UN, and they are using this to appeal against the right of the Jews to march for one hour in the streets of the holy city of Jerusalem," he explained.

"We hope that the court will not listen to them and will decide, as it decided in previous years. Year after year they come here to try to do provocations and to try to stop us from marching.

We need to remember that Jerusalem Day is an official holiday here in Israel. Ramadan is for a whole month, and here we are talking about one hour for Jews to go with the flag of Israel.

"We hope that this court will say to [the petitioners] that if they want to change this they need to go to the parliament and change the laws and not to try to appeal against this [march].

Attorney Rom said that everyone who values human rights "needs to understand that we need also to protect the Jews' human rights to march on their holiday for one hour in Jerusalem."