In a British campaign trail interview with Australian journalist Avi Yemini, UK Parliamentary candidate Tommy Robinson faced off with a young local woman about charges Robinson represented "White Supremacy" and the perception that criticizing Islam should be curtailed.

"I feel like Mohammed was alright," said the interviewee. "I quite like his views."

Yemini broke in and said "Talking about anti-Semitism - Mohammed was the biggest anti-Semite around. He beheaded 900 Jews."

Robinson then entered the discussion said "You know the Koran's got seventeen times more anti-Semitism than Mein Kampf, Hitler's book."

Yemini continued, "As a Jew I'm asking you: Is Tommy allowed to criticize Mein Kampf?"

"Well, yeah," responded the young lady.

"Did you know that the Koran itself has far more anti-Semitic sentences in it than Mein Kampf?"

Yemini continued: "Do you know what a Dhimmi is? I come from Yemen; my background - my grandmother was a Dhimmi in Yemen. She was a second-class citizen because she was a non-Muslim. That is supremacy, not Tommy Robinson," summed up Yemini, concluding with "G-d bless."

Meanwhile, Robinson faces trial this week for a charge for which he already served 10 weeks of a 13 month sentence that was tossed out:

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