Arutz Sheva spoke to EU Coordinator for Combating anti-Semitism Katharina von Schnurbein at the gathering of the Conference of European Rabbis in Antwerp.

"It's important to understand that following a unanimous declaration of 28 EU member-states on anti-Semitism, we're now implementing this declaration. Which means we hope to achieve real change for the Jewish community on the ground.

"They need to feel safer, they need to be able to live the lives they want to live, to make the life choices they want to make, just as anybody else, and we are working towards this now together with the EU member states."

Von Schnurbein says she wouldn't be involved in this work if she wasn't optimistic: "I am optimistic, I would not work in this situation if I did not believe change was possible.

"You know, I've met for example several Muslim organizations in the last two or three days who are now setting up networks against anti-Semitism, who have now done projects against this, who have now adopted the IHRA [International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance] definition. So there is progress and I believe that we can see change also in the center of society, on the Right, and on the Left," von Schnurbein said.