Rebel Media head Ezra Levant is heading to the United Kingdom with an international press delegation to cover both the political campaign and trial of Tommy Robinson which is to take place on Monday.

Robinson was put in prison for 10 weeks for peacefully reporting about a Muslimrape gang trial outside a court in Leeds.

Because British journalists are constrained in their ability to cover Robinson’s activities, Rebel Media raised funds for economy-class airfare and cheap hotel rooms to bring international reporters:

Avi Yemini, who arrived from Australia;
Cassandra Fairbanks, from Washington, D.C.;
Pardes Seleh, from Washington, D.C.;
Andrew Lawton, from London, Canada;
Jessica Swietoniowski, a student journalist at the Rebel (who will stay on for two weeks, to cover Tommy’s election campaign);
Jordan James, who is coming in by train from Manchester;
• And two cameramen.

Robinson, who is running for British Parliament, has expressed staunch support for Israel, was photographed visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and has proudly called himself a Jew whilst battling anti-Semites on social media.