Eurovision stage being prepared
Eurovision stage being preparedFlash 90

Eurovision events are expected to take place throughout the week in Tel Aviv, from an official reception today (Sunday) to the semi-finals and the final on Saturday night.

Alongside the events themselves, there may be a number of anti-Israeli protest events, one the first of which seems to have been held by the Icelandic delegation to the competition.

The Yisrael Hayom newspaper reports that the delegation from Iceland committed a provocation when asked, like the rest of the delegations, to paint a self portrait.

According to the report, while the other participants followed the instructions, members of this delegation preferred to convey a message that they knew would provoke controversy and wrote: 'Unite or Die'. The portrait was of course uploaded to the official Instagram page of the competition and has received over 1,000 likes so far.

The newspaper added that the members of the band, who claim that their ultimate goal is to eliminate capitalism in the world and openly support the boycott movement against Israel, have already managed to generate some media interest in the past few months because of their firm stance against what they call Israel's "occupation policy." The band members even invited Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to a wrestling match at the Eurovision Song Contest.