Roast beef sandwich
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Lakewood's South Side Sandwich Shop & Smokehouse, which makes hundreds of sandwiches each day, was told to remove an Israeli flag hanging outside the establishment, or lose its kosher supervision, The Yeshiva World News(YWN) reported.

According to YWN, the proprietor hung Israeli and IDF flags outside his store to "show his appreciation towards the State of Israel" in honor of Israel's Independence Day earlier this week.

However, he soon received a warning from the kashrut (kosher supervision) agency certifying his business, warning that if he did not remove the "Zionist" flags, he would lose his kosher certification.

YWN noted that the owner hung an American flag at the same time as the other two, and that attempts to contact the kashrut agency were ignored.

Hundreds of people streamed to his shop to express support, the owner said, emphasizing that he had "never sold more sandwiches in one day in his life."