Hassan Nasrallah
Hassan Nasrallah Reuters

An Iranian television channel on Thursday interviewed Zainab Nasrallah, daughter of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who lives in Tehran.

The daughter said that her father does not live in a bunker, contrary to what is reported. "He has everything he needs, he does not run away or lives in a bunker. His life goes on fairly normally, with the exception of travel restrictions and meetings that are managed according to his security needs."

Nasrallah claimed that her father is a modest man. "He is a sensitive person who loves his children and grandchildren. I am proud of him, even though his job prevented many important moments from our family. We understand that he is not only ours, his immediate family, but a significant leader in the Islamic nation."

Hassan Nasrallah's daughter used the interview to express great sympathy for the country in which she lives today, Iran. At the same time, she blasted the United States, which she called "the Great Satan" and Israel, about which she said that "its fate is already sealed."

"The Israeli army was invincible in the past. Today it is weak and soon it will be erased from the map and we will be able to reach Al-Aqsa, no one has any doubt about it," she said.

She added that "dialogue with Israel or the United States is a mistake. The Americans are driven by internal interests and greed. Israel acts similarly. Both are taking advantage of our region and their presence weighs heavily on the entire Middle East."

Hassan Nasrallah is believed to have been hiding in a bunker since the 2006 Second Lebanon War, though he has denied that fact.

He addresses Hezbollah supporters via video from time to time and usually takes advantage of those opportunities to threaten Israel. Last week he threatened to invade Israel’s northern Galilee region and to broadcast globally the destruction of any forces that dare to enter the region.

The Hezbollah leader in January broke a lengthy silence with a television interview in which he vowed that the group would continue its digging of tunnels into Israeli territory despite Israel’s Operation Northern Shield to clamp down on those tunnels.

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