Gun found hidden in motorcycle
Gun found hidden in motorcycle IDF spokesperson

A Palestinian Authority resident driving a motorcycle in Judea was arrested early Wednesday morning, after an IDF unit discovered a concealed assault rifle during a security check.

Soldiers from the 601 Battalion operating in the Hevron area in Judea, south of Jerusalem, had their suspicions raised by a Palestinian Arab motorcyclist driving early in the morning Wednesday.

After they pulled him over for a security check, the soldiers discovered a concealed M-16 assault rifle. The driver was arrested and transferred for questioning.

“Thanks to the alertness of this group of soldiers, a gun was discovered in vicinity of the village of Qilqis,” said Captain Hezi Nehemia, commander of ‘Dekel’ company. “The soldiers showed initiative, skill, and determination.”

“It is a great honor to be carrying out important operations like this on the eve of Independence Day, and to contribute to the foiling of a [potential attack].”

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