'Ohad's parents accepting award
'Ohad's parents accepting awardIDF Spokesman

Northern Region Commander Major General Amir Baram presented a certificate of appreciation to First Sergeant Ohad Klausner for his role in the Battle of Bint Jbeil during the Second Lebanon War.

The certificate was accepted by his parents, Yisrael and Orit Klausner, as part of a Northern Command award ceremony.

The decision to award the certificate was made by former Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, following an investigation into the fighting of the first battalion to breach Bint Jbeil during the Second Lebanon War.

During the war, C Company of the first breaching battalion of the Golani Brigade encountered dozens of terrorists in the Bint Jbeil area. Ohad demonstrated courage and ingenuity, played a significant role in the destruction of the Hezbollah fighters, and made a significant contribution to changing the face of the battle.

Brigadier General Baram said, "We are honored to mention today our appreciation for First Sergeant Ohad Klausner, a Golani fighter who fell in battle in Bint Jbeil during the Second Lebanon War, while displaying courage and resourcefulness. Ohad's parents, Orit and Yisrael, received a certificate of appreciation in his name, expressing our deep appreciation for Ohad and his manner of acting.

"On behalf of the Golani Brigade and the entire Northern Command, I salute today Ohad, his courage, the fighting and Orit and Yisrael his parents, who are here with us in his name and memory," said the Northern Region Commander.

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