Tel Aviv
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A day after Israel and the Hamas terror organization entered into a ceasefire, ending two days for rocket attacks on the Jewish state, an air raid siren was accidentally sounded in an IDF base inside of Tel Aviv.

The incident occurred just after 12:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Kirya base in Tel Aviv, when a siren was suddenly sounded, leaving Israelis on nearby streets in panic, with some streets coming to a standstill.

Local police assured residents that there was no security situation in the area, and that the siren was sounded by mistake.

“The sirens that went off in Tel Aviv were the result of a malfunction,” a police spokesperson said. “There is no incident in the Tel Aviv area.”

The IDF said that the circumstances behind the accidental sounding of the siren were being investigated.

“The siren heard at the Kirya base was the result of an accident. The issue is being examined.”