Israeli tanks at Gaza border
Israeli tanks at Gaza borderFlash 90

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi criticized the ceasefire agreement reached with Hamas, asserting that only an operation like “Protective Edge” will achieve long-term quiet.

In an interview Tuesday morning with “Ha’olam Ha’boker" on Channel 13, Davidi said that "We don’t need to respond. We need to initiate.”

"The reality is complex. We see the real heroes, the parents and the children, the older people who fight against the terrorism that comes from Gaza, and we have to strengthen them and tell them ‘good job,’ and we continue to develop the city and the region, but we have to remember that Protective Edge’s achievements were exhausted."

In Davidi's opinion, repeated agreements that fit the conception of the ‘rounds’ and achieve short-term quiet are not the goal. "Our goal is to achieve quiet for a long time, and only an operation like Protective Edge will achieve it."

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi
Sderot Mayor Alon DavidiKobi Richter/TPS

Davidi said he is talking to the prime minister and the various relevant authorities, giving voice to the position of the residents of his city.

"There was a long period led by Chief of Staff Eizenkot, in which the perception was that the achievements of Protective Edge should be exhausted, and therefore there were no eliminations or damage to buildings. The State of Israel is awakening from this great mistake, and the realization that this reality is incorrect is beginning to seep into the leadership. After all, this entire round was created in the wake of terrorist fire at the IDF and not because we said that we would hit the terrorists.

“Let us hit them, because they bring evil to the world and violate the peace of our residents. The situation that has been created came as a response, and we don’t need to respond - but to initiate.”