soldiers place Israeli flags on the graves of fallen soldiers in Mount Herzl
soldiers place Israeli flags on the graves of fallen soldiers in Mount Herzl Flash 90

The Supreme Court today accepted the petition of the Combatants for Peace organization seeking to allow Palestinian Authority families to participate in what they call an "Israeli-Palestinian memorial ceremony" to be held on the eve of Israel's Memorial Day.

The Supreme Court ordered Prime Minister and Defense Minister Netanyahu to allow about 100 PA residents to enter the ceremony, unless there is a specific security impediment.

Netanyahu and the Defense Ministry expressed their firm opinion against the entry and participation in the event.

Meretz Chair MK Tamar Zandberg said in response to the Supreme Court decision: "Every year the same ritual that the Supreme Court calls 'embarrassing,' all in order to abuse and terrorize a modest memorial ceremony for bereaved families.

"Shame to the government and respect for Gabi Lasky, peace fighters, and the bereaved families forum that insist on a dignified ceremony despite unprecedented obstacles. We'll be there tomorrow to support," Zandberg promised.

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin attacked the Supreme Court decision. "If anyone needed further proof of the vital and immediate need for a fundamental reform of the judicial system, especially a change in the face of the Supreme Court, he got it in the form of outrageous rulings on the entry of Palestinians into Israel," Levin said.

"It's regrettable that precisely at this time, on the eve of Memorial Day and Independence Day, the Court again chooses that which separates over that which unifies," he added.