IAF airstrike in Gaza
IAF airstrike in Gaza Flash 90

Hamas has fired about 600 rockets at the southern region of Israel since the attacks began Saturday, according to a senior Israel Air Force official.

The official added that 400 rockets fell in open areas, and the defense establishment intercepted 86% of the other 200.

"We are hitting terrorist cells and preparing for any possible escalation," the source said, adding that "we have many more possibilities for action which will be broader in scope. Hamas and its people will be subject to targeted assassinations whenever we want and decide."

The official noted that the Air Force had attacked 200 targets, including quality targets such as small terrorist cells, buildings and warehouses where advanced missiles and rockets were manufactured. Eight terrorists were killed during the operation, according to the official.

The official said that there was an attempt to attack IAF aircraft with an armed drone but the attempt failed. He added that the IDF believes the escalation will continue for another few days.

IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manlis said that the information that led to the liquidation of the terrorist Hamed Ahmed Abed Khudari was collected for a prolonged period of time by the Shin Bet security service and under his leadership. "We have similar intelligence of this type on other people in the Gaza Strip, and in this case, everything is approved by the political echelon."

Manlis referred to the incident of anti-tank fire on a vehicle near the settlement of Erez, which resulted in the death of one person. He said that preparations are underway for similar scenarios. "We are intensifying the attack system and at this stage, we also moved the Golani Brigade into the Gaza area. We'll move the Paratroopers Brigade as well, which will be added to the 7th Brigade of the Armored Corps, which has already moved south."

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