Moshe Agadi
Moshe AgadiCourtesy of the family

The family of Moshe Agadi recounted the harrowing moment when he was killed by one of the over 450 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip on Saturday night.

His brother Shmulik told Channel 2 television about the incident: "Moshe went out to smoke a cigarette following a barrage and did not have time to enter the protected area [when the rocket fire resumed]. They tried to carry out initial CPR but on the way to the hospital they lost him."

"They always made sure to enter the security room and be careful, this time it caught him outside," he said. "Four children - the youngest, who is 13, is still in shock."

Moti Gamliel, Agadi's neighbor, said on the "Kalman Lieberman" program that "He lived 100 meters from us. When we heard the sirens all night, we went straight to the stairwell, since we do not have a safe room in the house," he said, adding: "It cannot go on like this, Every two years, they want to have a cease-fire. This is not what we elected Bibi for."

Agadi, 58, will be buried in his home city of Ashkelon at 4 PM on Sunday.