During lunch on Saturday, a family in Kiryat Gat heard a siren sound - and ran for shelter just before a rocket hit their home.

Residents of Kiryat Gat have 45 seconds to reach shelter.

After the family exited their bomb shelter, they discovered that their son's bedroom had been hit by the rocket.

"Usually, immediately after the meal, I go up to my room to sleep," the son, who is serving in the IDF, told News 12.

"As it happened, we continued talking a bit longer than we usually do during the Shabbat (Sabbath) meal. Usually, immediately after the meal, I go up to my room to sleep. We heard the siren - we went into the bomb shelter. It hit our home, in my room, basically, and immediately after that it hit the room under mine - my sister's, and the entrance to the house. Luckily, we spent a bit longer than usual at the table, so it turned out well."

"I heard the siren, I was here outside with a neighbor and the rocket was so close I thought it was in my house," one of the family's neighbors said.

"I looked to the side and I saw that it fell at the neighbor's - it hit his entryway and I see that it came through the roof - it ruined his ceiling. It came through the closet room, went into the bathroom, and through the bathroom continued to the front door."

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