SmotrichFlash 90

Dear Jason,

Your recent tweet and aligning with the false campaign against the Eli Mechina was deeply disappointing to me. Since I sincerely greatly respect you, I am confident that if you would have heard the entire lesson and not just the few sentences that were taken out of context by small-minded journalists, you would have understood that there isn’t even the slightest mention of racism.

As a religious person who says in our prayers “You have chosen us from amongst all the nations," and as a Yeshiva graduate, you certainly know that in Judaism there is a much deeper meaning which must be understood and which is the furthest thing from racism and hatred. Judaism is certainly the most loving religion of the world and of mankind that exists.

You are also familiar with the wonderful Eli Mechina and the generations of students, soldiers and officers who love the nation, the land, the Torah and mankind , that it has produced. If their rabbis were not worthy, their graduates could not have turned out so wonderful.

I regret that you unintentionally aligned yourself with those who wish to harm this great institution.