Abbas at PA meeting
Abbas at PA meetingFlash90

Many Palestinian Authority residents expressed their distrust of the Arab leadership and even said that they preferred Israeli rule in interviews with Kan News.

In light of the refusal of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to accept the budgets that the State of Israel transfers to him every month due to the reduction of the salaries of the terrorists, there is a fear that the PA will collapse.

Despite the fears of the international community, the Arab street is not as worried about the situation and there are those who even call on the State of Israel to come and rule over Judea and Samaria.

One of the interviewees said: "Let Israel come here. The Palestinian Authority (PA) is not interested in us. The PA does what it wants and not what the citizens want. We want things to be comfortable for citizens and not for the PA to have money hidden in its pockets and chairs. When asked whether he was alone in that opinion if it was shared by many residents of the PA, he replied,"A lot. I tell you a lot [of people think like this]."

Another Arab expressed his anger at the PA government and stated that Abbas is the only person pleased with the existence of the Palestinian Authority. "The members of the security forces also receive only a quarter of a regular salary. Only the top official at the top is satisfied. The rest are not."

Abbas has refused to accept the tax revenues that Israel collects for the Palestinian Authority, in protest against the offsetting of the salaries the PA pays to terrorists from these budgets.

In a recent PA meeting, Abbas said: "Our position is clear: We will not accept the funds from Israel after a reduction, and if Israel renews the agreements, we are prepared to conduct a dialogue with it and live with it in good neighborliness."