Lebanon and Turkey-based Thaqalayn TV aired an interview with Gaza Return March operative Maryam Abu Moussa this week, in which she said the "Palestinians" will soon bury the Jews in the ”ditches of Hitler”.

She claimed that when Hitler ordered the Russians to dig ditches to bury the Jews in World War II, they refused to do so because they were “humane”. Conversely, she claims that when Hitler ordered the Jews to bury the Russians in ditches, “they did so immediately.” According to Abu Moussa, Hitler said to the Russians: “I wanted you to know the truth about those Jews and why I burn them.” Curiously, she added “they do not believe in the humanity of people, so how could they be expected to believe in the humanity of the Palestinians?”

Abu Moussa continued to say that if the Jews get their hands on the Golan Heights “the entire Arab world will be grabbed by Israel overnight.”

Abu Moussa accused the Arabs of making fools of the Palestinians. She pledged that the "Palestinian people" will restore the honor of the Islamic nation and "liberate Palestine and the rest of the Arab world."

Abu Moussa concluded with a threat to US President Donald Trump: “Your end will come at the hand of a Palestinian boy.” She added: “Allah willing, we will soon pelt you with shoes.”