A public funeral was held on Monday for Lori Gilbert-Kaye, the woman who was shot and killed while attending a Passover service at Chabad of Poway on Shabbat.

Kaye was standing in the lobby of the synagogue just before 11:30 a.m. when she stepped between Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein and the gunman who fired several shots from what police described as a rifle.

Her husband, Dr. Howard Kaye, told the congregation that he performed CPR on his wife and that she died quickly.

"She did not suffer," he said reassuringly, according to CBS News.

Kaye described the gunman as "lower than an animal" who was likely raised on a diet of blood and gore.

At one point, he admitted that his thoughts were coming to him so quickly he was having trouble organizing them but he wanted to share the story of a peace pole his wife had erected at their home. The pole had a message "Peace prevail on Earth" in five different languages.

“My wife was a person. Is a person who did so much good in her life. Whatever good she did always turned out. And whatever I did that might not have been good, she repaired and made me look good,” he said.

Kaye’s daughter, Hannah Kaye, said she chose to a pink dress of her mother because she said her mother was a rainbow, her greatest advocate and her dancing partner.

“Our story was, is and will forever continue to be nothing short of extraordinary and remarkable,” she said.

"My mother gave me every opportunity I could have dreamed of. All of who I am today is a result from the experiences we had together."

A friend recalled how Kaye was a large supporter of President Donald Trump, always had a gift to give a friend or loved one and watched several cable news channels and read several newspapers.

"Lori died on Shabbat. Lori died on Passover. Lori died in a synagogue. And Lori died saving our Rabbi," her friend said, according to CBS News.

At the end of the service, Rabbi Goldstein said the congregation would continue to work to make the world a better place and will continue to hold services in the face of danger.

“We don’t go down for one moment. We don’t allow anyone – no terrorist, no murderer, no evil – to shut us down," he stressed.

Earlier on Monday, the shooter, John Earnest, was formally charged with murder and attempted murder, with hate crime allegations.

Prior to the attack Earnest had published an anti-Semitic screed online in which he claimed responsibility for an arson attack against a mosque in the area weeks earlier.

Police investigating the shooting attack say Earnest acted alone and was not part of any organized group.