Reserve soldier guarding in Hevron
Reserve soldier guarding in HevronFlash 90

The IDF dishonorably discharged a reserve soldier who last year swatted a Ta'ayush Organization operative in the southern Hevron hills.

The Military Advocate General wrote to Adv. Itay Mac, representing the operative who was slapped, that the soldier "acted improperly" and that he should not be summoned for reserve service in the future.

According to the Ha'aretz report, the soldier slapped the Leftist in August 2018, escorting Arabs to harvest in their orchards near Pnei Hever, along with other Leftist operatives. In the video of the incident, taken by the Leftists themselves, the reservist was heard saying, "There's Anarchists Against Walls, there's the Gangs, there's the March of Traitors - which are you?"

After the incident, the soldier wrote on Facebook that "Some people still do reserve duty, and then there are people whose hobby is to photograph, harass, and curse soldiers on Shabbat morning. Thanks to this pair, I'm finishing my reserve duty, after I was at home on vacation at the expense of the army, while my comrades in the company were doing guard shifts and round-the-clock patrols.

"Help me isolate these people, that anyone who gives them livelihood but supports IDF soldiers won't keep them in their employ, or that he won't patronize places where they work."