Former Shin Bet Cyber Division Commander Arik Brabbing, spoke about how to prevent lone wolf terrorist attacks like the white supremacist shooting at the Poway Chabad synagogue on Saturday.

"We understood in Israel that social media is the main area, the main issue, [where] we can find the lone wolfs who make these terror attacks," Brabbing told Arutz Sheva.

"We understood after many cases that we had here in Israel beginning 5-6 years ago, we understood that someone who wants to make a terror attack begins that idea on social media," he added.

He said that Israeli intelligence employs "integration of information and other technologies and other capabilities to understand who ... wants to [carry out] any terror attack," as well as where and when the terrorists seek to commit the attacks.

When asked if the Poway attack could have been prevented, Brabbing said that Israel "has the capabilities and the experience to prevent terror attacks."

"But we must remember that here in Israel we have laws that help us to prevent [these attacks] and to bring [the lone wolves] to the police station and to other authorities, to speak with them, maybe with interrogation, and maybe other steps.

"Here in Israel we changed the laws, ad I think that in the United States also they need [to change the laws]. They need [to undertake to prevent these phenomenon and to prevent these terror attacks that are so terrible," he concluded.