makeshift memorial near Chabad of Poway
makeshift memorial near Chabad of PowayReuters

The rabbi of the San Diego synagogue where a woman was murdered in a shooting attack Saturday continued his sermon even after being shot, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein continued to console his congregants after he was shot in the hand, his congregants said following the attack.

Synagogue member Minoo Anvari told CNN that Rabbi Goldstein “did not leave his congregation until he was finished speaking to them, calming their fears and pledging resilience.”

"One guy was shooting at everybody and cursing,” Anvari told the LA Times.

“One message from all of us in our congregation is that we are standing together. We are getting stronger,” she added. “Never again. You can’t break us. We are strong.”

Rabbi Goldstein was taken to the hospital for surgery on his index fingers. He will likely lose at least one finger, a doctor stated.

Three people were wounded and one person killed in the shooting during morning services Saturday,