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The Mossad is calling on cyber experts to present their candidacy for integration into the organization's operational cyber arm.

Yedioth Ahronot noted that the Mossad's demand for cyber experts set a record number. There are five jobs apart from high-tech jobs.

According to the report in the newspaper, the Mossad is looking for cyber experts for the organization's operational cyber arm. In the job description it says that "We need a cyber expert who has excellent control over Internet technologies, operating systems and information security, who likes to think outside the box and is interested in working in a young and dynamic environment from these fields: software development, computer security, computer networks and Internet technologies."

The Mossad is also looking for a cyber developer, a cyber researcher, a developer of large-scale cyber-technology systems, a Dev-opsData developer for the operational cyber arm, and more.

In addition, the Mossad is also looking for an expert / expert in data security in the field of Penetration Testing, infrastructure testing and more.

As mentioned above, apart from cyber jobs, the Mossad published a campaign to fill 10 positions in various hi-tech fields, such as cellular, antennas, software developers, and the like. In all positions there is an advantage for graduates of military courses in this field.