Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Reuters

Fifteen people, including six children, were killed during an exchange of gunfire between Sri Lankan security forces and suspected terrorists involved in the Easter suicide bombings on Friday night

Sri Lankan security forces raided a house near the town of Kalmunai in which ISIS members were hiding. A prolonged exchange of fire ensued between the terrorists and Sri Lankan soldiers and police. Three men blew themselves up, killing three women and six children inside the house , according to the Sri Lankan police. The bodies were recovered on Saturday.

“Three other men, also believed to be suicide bombers, were found dead outside the house,” Sri Lankan police said.

One of the men killed in the raid was Mohammed Nias, a relative of Zahran Hashim, the terrorist who led the Easter attacks.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Easter suicide attacks which killed over 250 people last week.

Hours before the deadly exchange of fire, Sri Lankan forces also raided a nearby location where it's believed that ISIS members recorded a video prior to carrying out the terror bombings.

"We located the place where the armed group recorded its video," Sri Lanka police said. The video, showing the eight members who perpetrated the attacks, was released by ISIS two days after the bombings.