Rabbi Peretz and Smotrich
Rabbi Peretz and SmotrichYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The chairman of the Gush Katif Evacuation Forum Committee, Ohad Mordechai, on Wednesday appealed to the heads of the United Right, Rabbi Rafi Peretz and MK Bezalel Smotrich, to include the issue of the evacuees in the coalition negotiations.

"We, the members of the Forum of Gush Katif evacuees who were evacuated from their homes in accordance with the decision of the Israeli government in 2005, welcome your pledge to prevent future evacuation of settlements, out of concern for the security of Israel and the integrity of the country and the clear mandate given to you by the people in the last elections," he said.

Mordechai said that "in accordance with your demands regarding the cancellation of the disengagement plan from Judea and Samaria, this is a welcome initiative, but we would like to urge you not to forget us, the Gush Katif evacuees, who have not yet been emotionally and financially cured of the horrors of the expulsion."

The Committee of the Evacuees' Forum noted that not everyone who was evacuated from their homes has been able to establish a new home and a new life. "As you know, hundreds of families are still stuck in the temporary settlements, and they have not been able to rehabilitate their lives to the way they were on the eve of the evacuation, They find it difficult to return to a normal routine and cycle of activity and employment. In addition, the Disengagement Implementation Law is a disproportionate law that was written in a night and whose results will be difficult to correct for many years to come."

The committee requested that the heads of the United Right set a number of demands in the context of the negotiations for the establishment of the government. The demands include, among other things, "finding a permanent housing solution for the evacuees who fell between the cracks and finding a solution for their family members, including the younger generations - whom the legislator addressed in an amendment, but most of this population has failed to apply this solution."

The committee also requested that the party be represented in Knesset committees and local authorities where the evacuees were absorbed, as well as increase compensation for the evacuees, including compensation for mental anguish and compensation for what they call the "torture and dragging of heels for more than 14 years." They also expressed wish to implement a comprehensive and individualized occupational and occupational rehabilitation program adapted to those who have not returned to work.

"For 14 years now, too many Gush Katif evacuees have felt invisible as no concrete actions were taken to solve our problems, and we demand that you include in the demands of the coalition negotiations the issue of Gush Katif evacuees and the cancellation of the law until a proper solution is reached for the last of the evacuees."