Israeli security forces operated in the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Zawiya in Samaria overnight to demolish the home of an Arab terrorist who murdered two Israelis in a combination shooting and stabbing attack last month, Arab media outlets claimed Wednesday morning.

According to a report by the Palestinian Authority outlet WAFA, IDF forces entered the town of Zawiya just before midnight Tuesday night. Residents of Zawiya clashed with the Israeli security personnel and threw stones during the operation, forcing the IDF to respond with riot control measures including tear gas. No injuries were reported during the operation.

The IDF force demolished the home of Omar Abu Laila, the terrorist responsible for the murder of an Israeli soldier at the entrance to Ariel last month, as well as the murder of Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger in a shooting attacking that same day. A second Israeli soldier was also wounded in the attacks.

The demolition lasted more than seven hours, and was completed after 6:00 a.m., WAFA claimed.

On March 17th, Abu Laila stabbed 19-year-old IDF soldier Gal Keidan to death at the entrance to Ariel in Samaria. Abu Laila then took Keidan’s rifle and opened fire at Israeli civilians and soldiers at the junction, before fleeing the scene in a stolen car.

Abu Laila then shot two Israelis, including 47-year-old Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, a father of 12.

Two days after the attack, Abu Laila was shot and killed during a firefight with Israeli security forces near Ramallah.