Route 1 accident
Route 1 accidentMDA Spokesman

A 50-year-old pedestrian was killed today by a vehicle near Latrun Interchange on Highway 1 eastbound.

MDA paramedics arriving at the scene were forced to determine his death on the spot.

Apparently, the man got out of his vehicle due to a technical malfunction and was then run over and killed by a passing vehicle. A police car arrived and blocked the road for a short time. The offending driver was detained for questioning. Heavy traffic accumulated in the area.

Emergency MDA medic Ben Peled said: "When we arrived, we saw a 50-year-old man lying unconscious in the middle of the road, with no pulse or breathing and with very severe systemic injury.

"We performed medical tests but he had no vital signs and we were forced to determine his death," he said.

Earlier today, a 23-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a traffic accident on Highway 431 near Mevo Ayalon Interchange near Rishon Letzion. MDA paramedics determined his death on the spot.