View of Lebanon as seen from Israeli side of border
View of Lebanon as seen from Israeli side of borderצילום: Flash 90

Arab sources told the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper that France had begun to express concern over the "dangerous" information provided by Israel to the United States, according to which a precision missile manufacturing plant was constructed in Lebanon.

According to the sources, France warned the Lebanese that Israel would not stand idly by when such an operation was built and operated in Lebanon with the support of Iran, Channel 13 News reported.

Last month, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri during his visit to Beirut that Hezbollah and Iran have secretly set up a new factory to produce precision rockets on Lebanese soil.

Pompeo conveyed a strong message about the new missile plant. Pompeo warned Hariri the missile plant could have implications for Lebanon's security.