effigy (illustrative)
effigy (illustrative) Reuters

An anti-Semitic ceremony took place in Poland on Friday, a day before the onset of Passover, during which a “Jewish” effigy was burned, Kan reported.

The incident, which took place in the town of Parochnik in southeastern Poland, saw the townspeople holding a symbolic execution of Judas, as part of an old Christian tradition on the occasion of the Christian holiday of “Good Friday.”

For this purpose, a giant doll representing Judas was prepared. The doll was wearing a black hat, and had peyot and a long nose. On his chest, the words “Judas” and “traitor” were written.

A video of the incident shows the doll hanging in a public square, after which it is taken down and dragged through the street as townspeople, including many children, beat it with sticks. Finally, it is lit on fire as the townspeople look on.

Also on Friday, the largest yeshiva in Russia, the Torat Chaim school located in an eastern Moscow suburb, was set on fire and vandalized with swastikas during a Passover seder.