Jaffa Gate
Jaffa GateMiriam Alster, Flash 90

Police last night arrested four people, two of them journalists, with two goats they apparently planned to sacrifice on the Temple Mount.

The four were arrested following a report received by the police about suspects in possession of goats making their way to the Temple Mount compound in order to sacrifice the goats as a Passover sacrifice.

Police searched for the suspects’ vehicle, and during the night the vehicle was located when it arrived at the Old City near Jaffa Gate. During a search of the vehicle, goats were found in the trunk.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the suspects are a resident of Ofra in his forties, a 17-year-old boy from central Israel and two journalists. All the occupants of the vehicle were detained for interrogation and their equipment was seized.

The two suspects were investigated for offenses of animal abuse and behavior that could disrupt public order, while the two journalists were released later in the night; Police intend to call them for further investigation. Today the two suspects will be brought before a court.

"The Israel Police will not allow any person or person to incite and cause provocations in any way contrary to the law on the Temple Mount, and will act resolutely against every suspect and agent who acts deliberately to provoke and incite, with focus on these days before the holidays of Nissan and Easter," the police said.