Dvora Gonen
Dvora GonenAvraham Shapira

Dvora Gonen, mother of Danny Gonen who was murdered in a terrorist attack near the Binyamin region town of Dolev in 2015, is furious at the negotiations being conducted with terrorists imprisoned in Israel and the agreement to install public telephones in the prisons for them.

"We should not have negotiated with terrorists, let alone imprisoned terrorists who murdered our most precious. If they want to hold a hunger strike – let them. It is our duty to maintain order and not to let them dictate to us what to do with threats of violence," Gonen, who heads the Choose Life forum of bereaved families, told Arutz Sheva in an interview.

"Do the terrorists deserve a TV, telephone, beers and academic degrees?” she wondered. “I want them to be given exactly what my son is getting. My son cannot call, my son is not watching TV, so they should not talk on the phone and watch television either. That is how real justice is done."

Gonen pointed out that the terrorist who murdered her son is in having fun in jail instead of rotting there. "If we want to eradicate terror, we must stop their wonderful conditions. Today they know that they have good conditions. We in the forum are doing everything to prevent the next bereaved family. That is why we need to implement the deterrence package and change the conditions of the terrorists in the prison - so that every terrorist knows that it is not worth going into prison."

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