After the call from Reform organizations to Trump to oppose annexation, the Rev. Anthony Abma sent the president a letter calling for the promotion of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

Rev. Anthony Abma, who is the head of the organization Christians Partnering with Jews in support of Sovereignty, sent a letter to the American President with a call to end the attempts of the nations of the world and various groups in the U.S. who are demanding that Trump act against Netanyahu to pressure him to retract his declaration regarding the application of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

The two-states plan was a delusion, writes the minister, stating that over time, it has been proven that this idea will not bring peace or regional stability. Israel has the right to be a sovereign state over her territory, in accordance with the divine promise, he states.

Arutz Sheva discussed the call to Trump and the group standing behind it with Sam Solomon, who founded the organization together with the minister. He first spoke of the connection forged between him and the minister. "About six months ago Anthony Abma called us about the subject of sovereignty and asked what was happening with Christian Zionists who wanted to support Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria."

"It was a surprise for us that he called me. It happened exactly as I began to work with Evangelical Christians, who are very much in favor of sovereignty and the connection between the Bible and the People of Israel because of the importance with which they view the Biblical promise, so that the call from Anthony was just in time".

"We are connected to these Christians because of the Biblical promise. They are very connected to the Bible, says Solomon, who is also aware of the criticism from the Jewish community against ties with Christian organizations that support Israel, and he addressed this concern: "There are Jews who are suspicious of the goals of the Christians and missionizing. This is not the case here. These are Christians who believe in Jesus but besides that, they are close to the Jews and even to a certain extent are not connected to the Christian holidays and are more like the ancient Christians. There are almost 700 million Evangelicals in the world and this group constitutes about 5 to 10 percent of this large group".

When asked whether at the core of the evangelicals' belief, they expect, at the end of days, that the strong and sovereign People of Israel, dwelling in its Land, would take Christianity as its faith, as is usually thought regarding the Evangelists, he answered that members of the group that Reverend Abma belongs to "do not think about how it will be in the end".

He added: "I have rabbinical ordination and I was a rabbi of a congregation in the U.S. This group does not deal with the end of the world but rather with the divine promise to the People of Israel in the Bible regarding the Land of Israel and the People of Israel. This is their true intention. I am very close to Anthony and he has never spoken with me about the end of days. They very much oppose Christians who say that Christianity has become the replacement for Judaism. They think that the role of Christians is to strengthen the People of Israel".

Regarding the letter that was sent to Trump, Solomon says that the key factor that led to its being written was the letter from a number of Jewish Reform and Conservative organizations "who wrote to Trump that he should put pressure on Netanyahu not to allow any annexation, not even in the blocs of settlement, because it would not be fair to the Palestinians. Following this letter, Anthony wanted to say that he, as a minister, not only supports the Jewish People but also supports Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria".

Regarding the irony that a letter from Jewish organizations calls for opposing sovereignty while a letter from a Christian minister seeks to promote sovereignty, Solomon mentioned that "more than 70 percent of Jews in the U.S. voted for Clinton and not for Trump, contrary to how it is in Israel. When Trump wanted to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the head of the Reform movement in the U.S. issued a statement that it was not the time to do it."

"Those who object the most to Trump and his support for Israel are the Jews and Trump knows this is problematic, but because he personally very much supports Israel and the People of Israel and it is natural to him, he doesn't listen to them".

The text of Reverend Anthony Abma's letter:

Dear Mr. President Trump,

In this season of the Passover redemption, Zionist Christians worldwide who esteem and value your leadership in supporting Israel, send you this letter of support. You have set an incredible example by recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel along with the sovereignty of Israel over the Golan Heights.

You have made difficult – but correct choices Mr. President. You have recognized what many are failing to acknowledge, that things have changed over the years in Israel and the Middle Eastern countries. You together with Prime Minister Netanyahu are responding and acting upon those changes and leading the way to a new and what promises to be an improved society of peace and humane conditions for all.

Supporting the Prime Minister’s promise of annexing certain territories or even to implement full Sovereignty in Israel, is not “destructive” as some falsely believe. It was delusional from the onset to think that a “Two-State” system could ever deliver peace or stability in such a small area. Time has proven this to be completely untenable. Now is the time to implement changes according to reality.

That is why your lead in providing Israel with even greater support is the right thing to do. Israel has the right to be a Sovereign State over all of its territory – just as every other nation on earth does. As Christians, we also support this as it is a biblical mandate granted by God to Israel. Only when the Nation of Israel is fully restored as a Sovereign State, will the long awaited redemption that Jews and Christians long for, be finally realized. And you are helping to make that happen.

Though you face opposition from other Governments and Jewish groups in America who are asking you to influence your good friend Prime Minister Netanyahu, to abandon his election promise to annex portions of Judea and Samaria, please know that there are Christians around the world, who stand with you in support of the Prime Minister of Israel.

It is time for the Jewish people in Israel to make their Exodus from the shackles of failed political processes of the past, and enter into the liberty and freedom of their God-given land and rights.

Most Respectfully,

Return O’ Israel;

Christians In Support Of Jewish Sovereignty

Rev Anthony Abma