Israeli security forces demolished overnight Tuesday the home of the terrorist Salah Barghouti, who carried out the shooting attack in Ofra last December, murdering baby Amiad Israel Ish-Ran and wounding seven others.

The home is located in the village of Kobar, north of Ramallah.

Barghouti was killed by Yamam counterterrorist forces several days after the attack.

In late March, the Commanding Officer of the Central Command, Maj. Gen. Nadav Padan, ordered the demolition of Barghouti’s residence. Several days later, the Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction that delayed the demolition of the home until a hearing of the petition filed by the terrorist's family against the demolition.

Meanwhile, an indictment was filed last month in the military court in Judea against the brother of the terrorist, Azem Barghouti, who is accused of a long list of serious offenses, including three counts of intentional manslaughter, equivalent to a murder offense, and attempts to commit that offense.

Azem, who carried out the shooting attack near Ofra with his brother, also carried out the shooting attack at the Givat Assaf junction, where IDF soldiers Yovel Mor Yosef and Yosef Cohen were killed, and another fighter and civilian were wounded.