opening of US embassy in Jerusalem, Israel
opening of US embassy in Jerusalem, Israel Arutz Sheva

The Trump administration has recently submitted a request to lease an area in Jerusalem known as the Allenby Compound for the construction of the permanent building of the embassy,

The complex is located in the Baka neighborhood, at the crossroads of Derekh Hevron and Vinovsky, and has already leased by the American administration since the Reagan era.

According to the report, the administration intends to begin construction of the permanent structure during Trump's next term, if he is elected. To this end, a request was submitted to Israel to begin preparing the site and to annex a few more areas in order to enlarge the total area.

Sources familiar with the details estimate that Trump will be preparing for the next term to give another promise to his evangelical base, this time a permanent embassy. He may even want to hold a cornerstone in the election campaign.

A spokesman for the US Embassy said, "A number of options are being examined - but no decision has been made yet."