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We raise our kids to be like ourselves. But it doesn't always work.

What happens when parents raise a family to be Torah observant, and somethings goes wrong along the way?

The common term for kids who have left the Torah way is OTD, which stands for Off The Derech (path or way). Batya Ruddell uses a different term: On Their Derech.

With compassion, lots of love, and an eye towards healing a child in pain, Batya, a columnist for Binah Magazine and Hamodia, decided to write a six week series about kids who were On Their Derech. It was clearly a subject which touched many families, and the magazine asked her to continue the series for an additional six weeks. When the three months ended, Batya wrote a book.

Batya speaks of Kids In Pain (KIPs), and how the judging eye of others in the community can do additional damage. Her advice, and the advice of the rabbis she has spoken with, is love, love and more love.

Tune in to meet a compassionate, inspiring woman, who has helped numerous struggling teens, including her own.

Batya Ruddell's book
Batya Ruddell's bookBy PR