New Right party co-chairwoman Ayelet Shaked issued an appeal to right-wing voters to turn out for her party in the final five hours of the election Tuesday afternoon.

In a video address, Shaked addressed her "friends in religious Zionism," saying that "we are in a bad situation. Bibi is drinking us with a straw as if he is not already the prime minister, and Rabbi Peretz is also draining us. This is working too well."

"We are going to have a rerun of the disaster of 2015, when we had a dramatic decline. I need your help to vote for the New Right Netanyahu will be prime minister with no issue, and Smotrich is in excellent shape. We are the only ones in decline," she said.

"I personally ask you to vote for me, the New Right, or I will just not be the justice minister tomorrow, I ask that whoever planned to split votes, part for us and part for Netanyahu will concentrate all the votes back on us. It's really important!

"We cannot just wake up at 8 at night. These are the most critical hours right now! Believe in me, and don't disappoint me!" she concluded.

שקד: ביבי שותה אותנו בקשית

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