Netanyahu implores: Vote
Netanyahu implores: VoteFlash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, on his way to Ashdod, was briefed on the low voter turnout in the traditional strongholds of Likud voters.

Following the data, Netanyahu canceled the event and will shortly convene an emergency meeting at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem, with participation of the election staff and field representatives.

Earlier in the day, Netanyahu arrived at the Poleg beach in Netanya and called on bathers to get out of the water and go to vote.

"Lapid and Gantz are leading us, they're winning," Netanyahu said. "Yair Lapid will be Prime Minister and he'll form a Leftist government with Meretz, Labor, and the Arab parties.

"Get out of the water, get out of the malls, get out of the houses. Vote for Likud. The gap must be closed. The Right must be saved. Wake up," implored the Prime Minister.

נתניהו בחוף הים: לכו להצביע